The Colorado Ethiopian Community

The Colorado Ethiopian Community is a non-profit organization established to preserve, share and promote the 3000 years of Ethiopian cultural heritage. We work to support the integration of new Ethiopian Americans to contribute and enrich the cultural mosaic of United States of America. CEC will also engage in community and youth empowerment programs that foster a strong and vibrant integrated community.

The purpose of CEC:

  1. To provide charitable assistances to its Community members.
  2. To encourage the community members establish Ethiopian Community Center, where the commu- nity members strive to help the young generation preserve its cultural heritage.
  3. To organize the community members in times of crisis, like death, illness, unemployment and dis- ability.
  4. To provide guidance and counseling services to newly arriving Ethiopian refuges, immigrants and otherwise and assists with immigration and legal issues.
  5. To implement structured and organized services and programs that promotes successful integration of Ethiopians into the American life /culture/.
  6. To play its parts and contribute towards the realization of basic human rights for all Ethiopians around the globe.
  7. To empower and encourage the community members, especially the young generation, adapt the American culture and avoid identity conflict.
  8. To create and organize Youth Resource Centre committed to the safety, education and positive de- velopment of the community youth as they struggle with the daily challenges of teenage and young adult life.


The Vision of CEC is to be a law-abiding, contributing to society, and well adapted model community. It is to create a peaceful, stable, and sustainable community organization that serves cur- rent community members and future generations.